#1 Re: Remaking VHC von TOPFANS 15.04.2012 08:20

This is the same structure, troy polamalu jersey we used last season during Sean's knee injury. "Vitt, jason witten jersey who carries the titles of assistant head coach and linebackers coach, aaron rodgers jersey briefly stepped in as interim head coach last season when Payton broke his leg. clay matthews jersey Vitt also was interim coach with St. Louis in 2005 before joining Payton in his first season with New Orleans in 2006. miles austin jersey Vitt will be able to oversee the offseason training program and training camp, before stepping aside, clay matthews jersey for the first third of the regular season. The NFL played no role in the decision-making process. troy polamalu jersey
"It's the Saints' decision, " NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, peyton manning jersey
adding the team did not have to get approval from the league to make Vitt the interim coach.
#2 Re: Remaking VHC von Johnny 5 14.11.2012 16:33

Hey guys, JVenter here, i made a site similar to this old VHC site, feel free to check it out

#3 Remaking VHC von NitroSonic 15.07.2010 23:41

is it okay if i try and remake VHC? I had this idea to Make another board for it "Ventrilo Harassing Clan Deluxe". A Private Forum only available to chosen members. It would have more stuff than the regular site like Special downloads only made for active form clan members and private Ventrilo harassment videos only available to members of the site. Im still trying to think of what else it should have. You can PM me for ideas.
#4 Re: Remaking VHC von noobcake 12.09.2010 02:43

lol, Idk. I just want to learn how to harras good its sooo funny and looks entertaining to do.

#5 RE: Re: Remaking VHC von Sikera 21.04.2015 21:08

Thank you for all those useful insights.


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